Summer School Iona 2019

The Summer School Iona and Isle of Mull

Conference: 6th – 13th July 2019

Travel Week: 13th – 20th July 2019

Retreat: 20th to 27th July 2019.

For details please visit:

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Articles about the Iona conference and literature about the spiritual setting of the Iona Summer School:

From Renatus Derbidge:
“Der Iona Impuls. Rudolf Steiner und die Westen Mysterien”. Find it here in German or here in French and in English here.
From “Anthroposophy Worldwide” (December 2015) : „Youth Conference Summer 2016 on the Isle of Mull: Can science be Christian?
Was ist spirituelle Ökologie?

From Dirk Kruse:
Die Westlichen Mysterien als Anreger neuer Wege in der Anthroposophie„.
Der Saturnweg“

A report from the the Iona Summer School 2016 by Griet Hellinckx:
here in German
here in English