Western Mysteries Travel Week

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13. 07. 2019 - 20. 07. 2019

Arran, Wales

Western Mysteries and their respresentitives in history, place and time.

One week intensive about Western Spirituality. 7 days of journey from Scotland (Mull), via the Island of Arran, to the west coast of Wales. Finishes with a additional retreat (limitetd to 10 people, 20th to 27th July) on the holy Island of Bardsey Island. Language: English.

With Dirk Kruse, Renatus Derbidge

Travel Week (13th to 20th) limited to 20 participants
Retreat (20th to 27th) limited to 10 participants)

Themes are: visiting and observing megalthic artefacts prehistoric art, stone circles, dolmen, cairns, menhirs) and sensing their culture and social impulse (back then and for today); the Druidic culture and their mission; Celtic Christianity (the iro-scotisch monastic impulse, Columban and others); the roots of the „renewing of the Mysteries“ by Rudolf Steiner as an impulse of reintegrating the Western Mystery stream into the Anthroposophical movement; The meanig of the meeting of D.N. Dunlop and R. Steiner; Ita Wegmans impact in 1923 (Penmenmawr) for the Christmas Conference 1923/24 in Dornach (founding of the anthroposopical society); Dunlops „Summer School“ impulse as a „new inauguration of a new stream withing the anthroposophical one“ that Steiner celebrated as something important for the future; King Arthurs round table (pre and post christian) as a historic model of social life and Steiners „reverse cult“ and „Saturn path“.


  • Kilmartin (stone circle, cairns, cup and ring marks)
  • Arran
    • Holy Island (near Arran), Cave of St. Molaise
    • Places where D.N. Dunlop grew up.
    • Stone Circles of Machrie Moore.
  • Penmeanmawr (place of the summer school 1923), agglomeration of stone circles, dolmen.
  • Angelsey, Druid time Hillfort, megalthic places.

We will be housing in simple Hostels (in shared rooms, we will have most Hostels as „private use“ just for ourselves. Other places are chared with other guests.

Fees and prices:

  • Tuition and organisation fee: €250
  • private cars (rental cars including fuel): approximately €200 (if 4 people share one car)
  • Accomodation: Travelweek: €250
  • Food (we will cook ourselves in the self catering kitchens of the YH`s or eat in pubs): approximately €150
  • Entrence fees and ferry costs: about €50

The fee of the travel week and the accomodation needs to be payed in advance. (75% refunds possible untill 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the trip, no refunds later then 13st of June 2019). Other costs need to be paid individually by the participants. Car rental, driving and sharing the costs need to be arranged and solidarily sorted out among the car groups.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please note: The above is still subject of slight changes.






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