Summerschool Iona 2017

Reintegrating natur to our spiriatual path

Saturday 8th of July until Saturday 23th of July 2017
1st week @ the Leob Croft on the Isle of Mull and Iona („the conference“)
2nd week: a journey to Ben Nevis (highest Mountain in the UK) and to the Orkney Isles with the biggest stone circle in the UK, the „Ring of Brodgar“, visiting Karl Königs former office in Camphill Aberdeen. Ends in Edinburgh @ the Roslyn Chappel.

1st week: intensive conference
2nd week: further experience and deepening the impressions from 1st week in a smaller group.
Both weeks are independent from each other, but it makes sense to share the unique initiatory experiences of the first week if you want to accompany us on the jouney afterwards.

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Articles about the Iona conference and literature about the spiritual setting of the Iona Summer School:

From Renatus Derbidge:
“Der Iona Impuls. Rudolf Steiner und die Westen Mysterien”. Find it here in German or here in French. (Would anyone like to translate it into English?)
From “Anthroposophy Worldwide” (December 2015) : „Youth Conference Summer 2016 on the Isle of Mull: Can science be Christian?
Was ist spirituelle Ökologie?

From Dirk Kruse:
Die Westlichen Mysterien als Anreger neuer Wege in der Anthroposophie„.
Der Saturnweg“

A report from the the Iona Summer School 2016 by Griet Hellinckx:
here in German
here in English